Bert Smells is now a thing

Champagne, red carpets and ticker tape! Bert Smells is now live on Amazon in the UK, US, Canada, selected European countries (de, fr, it, es) and Japan. I cannot wait for it to explode across Harajuka!


Cover of "Bert Smells" book
Oh yes, he does

Pick up amongst friends and acquaintances has been touchingly rapid, so thank you all for the support!

Next up, our Bert-inspired line of gift cards ... watch this space!

Amazon has still not managed to get their contact act together, which is pretty rubbish and has left something of a sour taste. I thought they'd be better, especially in a somewhat "new tech" growth area.

The latest is that Amazon has now opened one sleepy eye. We will, apparently, get some sort of specialist response within 72 hours. Because, as its says just after our Amazon social media responder's name:

Social Media
Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company.

Capitalised and all!

But 72 hours after the first 72 hours is still the sort of response time that would probably be just about satisfactory to me for something on the level of my refrigerator developing a problem with its light bulb. It's hugely (original expletive deleted) frustrating when trying to coordinate publication and marketing activities as a small business.

Enough said for now and, still, overall, a good day :-)

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